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Our laboratory (Waste Management and Technology Lab., WMTL) is conducting research on the management and treatment technology of waste and biomass. The main research of WMTL is on solid fuel upgrading and gasification through thermo-chemical treatment of waste and biomass. In particular, we possess have experience with waste fueling systems based on hydrothermal treatments and their application to factory plants. Recently, we are researching biomass fuel, and methods to develop technologies and systems for the disposal of marine and medical waste.


 Research Intersts of WMTL

- Hydrothermal treatment of biomass and waste (carbonization for biochar, liquefaction and pre-treatment)

- Biomass thermochemical conversions

- Renewable energy technologies as Waste to Energy and Biomass to Bioenergy

- Recovery and recycle of minerals from waste and wastewater

- Coastal waste and hospital waste treatment technology

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