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Projects of WMTL

- Development of a mobile dual sterilization system for stably handling small and midium scale of medical waste

(2021.02-2024.12, supported by the KEITI)


- High-efficiency Carbon Fuel Cell Based Cogeneration for Smart Farm

<Improvement of carbonization - gasification system from agricultural by-product (biomass)>

(2021.04 – 2023.12, supported by the IPET)

- Development of 400kW co-firing boiler utilizing wood chip-agricultural by-product

 (2021.04 – 2022.12, supported by the IPET)


- Denitrification and inorganic matter of biofuel due to effect of microwave assisted hydrothermal treatment

(2019.09 – 2022.02, Supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF))

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